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Information about the Artist, or the music industry.

Asala Nasri (Syrian singer) is one of the most gifted singers in the world.
She is certainly an artist to whom it is worth paying attention!

Of course, for now, she sings in arab languages.

Think about Clare Torry and the famous “The Great Gig in the Sky”.
We don’t need “words” with this quality of singing!

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Note: If this video is deleted/removed again,
go in You Tube, search for “The Great Gig In The Sky”.

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When you do not understand the meaning to the words in a song (foreign language),
the actual diction or speech made up with those words becomes sequence of notes or chords, short rhythmic phrases, melodic lines and fragments
just like guitar licks and riffs.

In this manner, listening to a song (Cantata) is just like listening to a guitar solo (Sonata), or violin or piano…

In addition to that, Asala Nasri brings up a captivating visual just by looking at her singing, coupled with a fascinating spontaneous interaction with the audience.

And this is how Asala Nasri opens up our ears to a magnificant dimension:

– The Art of singing –

Asala singing “His Eyes”:

In Asala Collection – Dans Asala Collection: > His Eyes <

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